Online Ordering System Features

Amazing features with powerful Mobile App, Facebook ordering, Website ordering and Central ordering website for restaurants, bakers or grocers. Enhance online ordering experience for your customers with your own online ordering solution.

Taking Business from “on site” to “on line”

Every big business is moving online: think online shopping, online music sharing, online networking…even pizza ordering: “About 69 percent of consumers order food online”

order_from_websiteTake your online order from your website

Your website looks great. What about an online menu that sells?

Don’t change a thing! Just pop our Order Online button and you’re good.






Menu Management
Give access to your menu. Describe your every dish with the review. Lure your clients with Food photography.

Attractive food photos categorized neatly will help customers choose their orders easily. Food categories must always be displayed in the best possible way.



Turn your smartphone or tablet into an order receiving machine

Receive instant push notifications on your smartphone or tablet every time your customers place an order!

comes with an app so you can accept online orders in real-time on your smartphone or tablet






Facebook ordering too

Turn those likes into orders.

Post mouth-watering photos with the latest recipes, and let your followers order right-on Facebook. Your page fans just love sharing food stuff with their friends.

Super simple to integrate on your website and Facebook page


restaurant-manager-scared-tiny-5fb60867cbBe your own Boss

Who’s in charge?

As a restaurant owner it’s easy to get excited about a big food portals. It solves the issue of not having an online presence and online ordering. Moreover, they have a huge pool of users and a marketing budget.

Taking online orders through a big ordering portal like Foodpanda or Zomato does not come cheap for you as a restaurant owner.

Portals charges restaurants a fee each time they receive an online order.

The Portal commission can rise up to a double-digit percentage on each order.

This means the more orders you take, the more fees you pay

Reality strikes when you do the math: a two figures commission for each order. These costs could be considered marketing investment. But are you also willing to pay commission for every single order your loyal customers make?

When you draw the line, how long can your business afford paying for orders from Just Eat type of portals without building a returning client base?


Our highlights

  • Offers you client a smooth online ordering experience from any type of device.screenshot-gloriafood-app-orders-on-device-f99dd80c3a
  • Available for your website and Facebook page.
  • Works and looks great from any device
  • Comes with a mobile app for receiving orders in real time on your smartphone or tablet